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"nosferatu" (1922)

"nosferatu" (1922)

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A photo I took back when me and my buddy worked at BK

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My cat found a new spot. My underwear drawer.



look what came in the mail today!


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Stretched out like this, he’s almost long as the beef is wide. (It’s only a Twin, though, he’s not that enormous. )


"And to tear apart the ties that bind, perhaps fuck off might be too kind.." Arctic Monkeys


"And to tear apart the ties that bind, perhaps fuck off might be too kind.." Arctic Monkeys

UK buyers at my Etsy shop can blame a recent rash of purchases for *one* badge per order for a recent 25¢ increase in postage to the UK.  The reason for this is that the average order size has plummeted from 4.75 badges per order (in May of 2014) to 2.65 badges per order.  Because what *I pay* the US Post Office to post your packages to the UK is US$6.55 (meaning the additional 20¢/badge for P&P, when the average UK packet was still 4-5 badges per order, would balance out the postage fees), this means that over this last couple months of reduced base postage to the UK, I’ve actually been losing money on all parcels to the UK.  If trends keep this way, I may have to return postage costs to US$6.55. :-( 

I would really like to reduce my base postage price to all my major countries outside the US, but i simply cannot afford to keep paying such a difference out-of-pocket.  I’m hoping as the winter holidays get closer, I can bring the P&P to the UK back down to US$5.75, but it will all depend on how sales in October and November do.  I’m already living on a fixed income, and most of my medications are actually over-the-counter herbals and such, which I have to pay for out-of-pocket, and my cat is due for his distemper booster in November, so i *really* need to not lose money just to keep things a little most cost-effective for people outside the States.

It’s just more economical to buy more than one badge at a time, anyway.  When you buy only one at a time, especially overseas, you’re basically saying that *one* 1in badge is worth US$8 to you (which i know is only, like, £4.90 in British money right this minute, but still, is it *really* worth that much?)