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Lady Amaranth

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From the Wayback Machine (literally), the gothy paper dolls from the long-departed Blackened Angels clothing catalog. 1996, peeps. 

I see some of you unearthed this post again. 


The gay agenda, folks. Fear it.

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Photo : Derek Ridgers The Batcave : Soho, 1982


Photo : Derek Ridgers 
The Batcave : Soho, 1982


Everyone is different and the way a disorder affects one person isn’t always true for everyone. It’s best to ask.

No, actually people with mental disorders (like myself, by the way) are not like everyone else, ergo, we are NOT NORMAL.  That’s why we have a disorder, or rather, it’s that disorder that sets us apart from what’s usually considered “normal” in a certain area.

No, don’t make us pariahs or otherwise treat us badly, but this “people with disorders are just like everyone else!” is complete nonsense that kind of breeds homogenisation.  Furthermore, when you then point out that no two disorders are the same and people may handle things differently, that kind of contradicts the first part where you insisted that I’m somehow “normal”.

Remember kids:

"Generalisations don’t help anyone! But I just made one, so cognitive dissonance doesn’t exactly register with me, or something." -SusieBeeca

And if I’m somehow “just a normal person like everyone else”, why would I need to take my medication?!  Furthermore, who the hell are you to self-appoint as “reminder fairy” or some shit, I don’t know you, what if I’m having a better day and don’t feel the need for my Valerian root or something?  Fuck off with your contradicting homogenising speech that says you probably don’t get it as much as you think you do.

To say that I’m “perfectly normal” is to deny me my lived experience as someone who is not.

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Photographe: Salvador Ceja

Model: Arkzënkiel

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Best Penguins! turned 2 today!

And I got older, too!


Selwyn Theatre program, 1922