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When you can’t catch a bus in Washtenaw county, MI after 11pm on a Friday or after 6pm on a Saturday.

When your only “choice” for an appointment at a sleep specialist is for 10am, and you’re just barely functional cos this meant you had to get up at 8am —when your natural sleep schedule begins at 4am and you’re usually up by Noon.


David Bowie photographed by Helmut Newton for US Vogue November 1983 

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Me (Teale Coco) for Faint Magazine

Issue, Dream Anatomy |March 2013|

Photographer: Luzena Adams

Makeup: Andi Conventon

Stylist: Alexandre Dubois

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so, today could’ve been better, but it also was pretty good for one of THOSE days.

I overslept like woah, which is bad, cos i have to be at a doctor’s appointment at 10am tomorrow —I did not really have a choice in the time of day for this appointment, so the fact that I have to basically get up at 8am to be on the bus by 9am *at the absolute latest* is kind of pissing me off.  On the good side, I seem to be one of those poor fools who experiences none of the major side-effects of zolpidem (brand name: Ambien), so there’s that.

I had to go to the post office and buy cat food today.  I also needed to call Epson about my printer’s warranty, cos it’s already starting to crap out on me, and i’ve only had this thing since May.  Optionally, I could’ve also gone to WCBN and put in another hour or two, but it was 3:15pm when I got up, nearly 4pm when i got off the phone (though with a replacement printer ordered to my place), even skipping my shower it was almost 4:30pm by the time i left the house, and I nearly missed the bus to the downtown A2 post office from downtown Ypsi (I could’ve just walked to the Ypsilanti downtown post office, if that had happened, but then that would’ve offset checking my PO Box, and i don’t like it when I have to do things like that).

On the good side, there was no grief at the post office, and while I forgot to hit Whole Foods for bread (and forgot to put a couple shopping bags in my Bona Bag —but let’s not dwell on everything that went wrong today), I did manage to get Nigel his kibble and his dinner tins, and even managed to grab a bag of cat litter while it was still on sale.  I also had a coupon for the Blue Buffalo kibble and cat litter —which was especially nice, cos that litter sale ends on Saturday, and what was initially $5 off its normal $15 for a 14lb bag (which is about the same volume as about 20-25lbs of clay litter, but it’s made from walnut shells so it’s a lot lighter and nearly 3x as absorbent, so it works out costing a lot less) was not $7 when the coupon was included, so that was almost half-price.  I also got Nigel a new chew toy, which he clear missed having.

Then i decided, even though they’re a little bit on the pricier side, to do a relatively lighter grocery run to Hiller’s, cos i was out of some stuff, like bread and milk.  Granted, i still forgot to get some cheese, and I didn’t have the time to wait at the butcher’s counter for ground meat for chili this week, but I picked up some necessities and then guess what happened?

I dropped my umbrella as i was trying to cross the street, and an older lady actually offered to get it for me, as my hands were clearly full.  Then, a woman with three children in tow saw that my arms were practically overflowing with stuff and actually offered to help me!  After that, I got on the bus, which was there almost instantly when I go to the stop, and some hipster guy got up so I could sit down (granted, i also had to flash the driver my disabled badge, so that might’ve influenced his decision).  Seriously, especially in this area, that rate of people being *genuinely unselfish* is pretty rare, and it kind of makes me wonder if Someone is up to something.  Who knows?

So, basically, i have to be in bed in maybe an hour.  Take care, internet.

Almost two - and - a- half and he still loves to chew on his worm


Here’s Alley blocking out the haters